About us



About the company:

The company was founded in 2019 and holding the registration number in the Ministry of Industry and Trade 55894 as Sharikat Abu Sedou Aldhabiah Lilistirad Wal Altasdir.

Company Activity:

  • marketing of local and imported agricultural products.
  • Import and Export from all over the world.
  • Investment in agriculture and land reclamation.
  • Investing in livestock production.
  • General Trading (Commision)

Company Message:

To Achieve the Poineering in agricultural production and marketing, both plant and animal, through the use of advanced technologies in farming methods, irrigation and marketing of local and imported products on highest level of best use of qualified human energies to work in a positive work environment, and all this to satisfy the needs of the local market of our products and support the local economy and achieve the highest possible proportion of self-sufficiency in agricultural products.

Our company vision:

Our company is one of the leading companies in the field of agricultural production and marketing which our ambitious plans aim to apply the latest methods in the agricultural process and provide employment opportunities and support the local market and the permanent development of our human and management capacity and to access to the high quality and competitive price at the same time.

History and development of the company:

We were in the eighties working in trade & agriculture, As we have been marketing our products in that period within local markets, after a period of time production quantities and imported products began increasing more than before , so we established Al Etihad company within the Central Vegetable market in order to let us market our products and our imports in ourselves and we have succeeded in this matter.

And several years after we started marketing the products of farmers and other merchants for a commission.

With the passage of time we got on several companies and dealers in Arab and foreign countries and we import products in larger quantities and higher quality.

Now, our company has a strong business relationships and are dealing with a large number of widespread companies across the world. So we cover the needs of the local market and neighboring markets.